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Grief & joy side by side - 30th March 2023 7.30- 9.30pm (GMT) (early bird price ends 11th March)

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Online workshop with Muriel Pichard.

30th March 2023 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm UK TIME (time converter here)

Honouring the grief we feel whilst remembering the joy within.

Grief can come in many shapes, and in all its variations, it is about loss. Loss of a loved one, a dream, what could have been, which did not manifest, and much more…  The way we feel and express it varies greatly, sometimes one can feel overwhelmed by the intensity of emotions, whilst someone else may feel numb and be silent. Or one simply feels different at different times. 

In this workshop, Muriel will invite us to honour our feelings without judgement, and speak about the importance of being witnessed. She will also remind us that like how the sun is at times hidden by clouds, so is our joy within, always present, yet often not in our awareness. She will introduce us to some of her Atlantic Essences which can both support  our grief process and help us tap into everlasting joy.

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2 hours

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