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Finger Labyrinth Serenity Set with Pottery Candle Holder

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The serenity set finger labyrinth stoneware candle holder & incense stick holder. A beautiful ceramic labyrinth design carved into a rich, terracotta clay & natural beeswax candle. Carve out a moment of peace in your day and relax into a meditation for your senses. 


Tash Kla, an artist and self-taught ceramicist who weaves a heartfelt connection with their craft, employing hand-building methods to craft tableware and homeware that seamlessly captures the spirit of nature.

Her passion lies in the creation of functional objects meant for everyday use, with a sincere intention to infuse a gentle awareness into the fabric of simple moments.

In the intimate process of sculpting, whether through the tender touch of hand-pinching, the rhythmic dance of coiling, or the careful artistry of slab rolling, each piece becomes a testament to the artist's devotion. Tash's artistic journey centres around the profound significance of hands as more than mere tools; they are conduits of creation and vessels for expression.

Through the tactile artistry of hand-building with clay, the artist has discovered the transformative power of our own bodies and hands—innate, ready-made tools that offer boundless opportunities for creativity. It's a journey infused with warmth, where the artist's creations become not just objects but embodiments of a personal and shared connection to the art of making.

• Whenever you need a moment to yourself, make yourself comfortable, place your labyrinth out in front of you and close your eyes. 
• From the outside, begin to trace your finger through the maze, allowing the carvings to guide you. 
• Once you reach the centre, take a moment and carefully place your beeswax candle into the middle of the labyrinth. 
• Gently strike a match, light your candle, close your eyes and take a deep, long breath. Stay here as long as you need. 

Please note due to the handmade nature of the pieces, over time and after use the surface of your piece may alter slightly &  and the surface of the glaze crackle a little. This effect is rather beautiful, and adds to the interest, the 'life' & unique nature of your piece.

All items are handmade and unique. Sometimes there will be slight variations from the image.

  • Size Approx. (diam) 25 cm x (height) 1 cm
  • Weight Approx. 300g
  • Stoneware

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