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Mineral balancing and the Root Cause Protocol - Online video course

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Online workshop with Catherine Mort.
To be released on 4th February 2023. 

The Root Cause Protocol (RCP) operates on the premise that the body cannot function optimally when depleted of essential vitamins and minerals, which all work in harmony together to create vitality. When the body is out of balance the cells cannot create energy in an optimal way or excrete any toxins we take on board. At this point, people start to manifest physical symptoms as the body lets them know it requires some support. 

In this one hour workshop Catherine will introduce you to RCP in more detail to enable you to start your journey at home.

Catherine covers:
- Why we get so ill in the first place?
- A background to mineral balancing and examples of HTMA and blood work.
- The RCP starts and stops - download free manual and list of valuable resources.


1 hour

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