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Parasite Zapper - Don Croft 'T-REX' Frequency Zapper - Follows on from Terminator

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A development on from the Croft "Terminator' zapper - this has been designed with a gem/coil configuration - boosting its effectiveness in healing and heightening awareness. This device will work best if you have already been using a Terminator.

Field research by manufacturing and the Croft family has revealed that individuals without prior Terminator use may encounter discomfort with the T-Rex, emphasising the importance of using a Terminator zapper beforehand for an optimal experience.

 The device's effects are achieved through a specific configuration, incorporating 17 distinct gems positioned on a double helix coil, all visibly encased within the orgonite component.


What’s the difference between the two Zappers?

The T-Rex Zapper is different from the Terminator Zapper in a few ways. Firstly, Carol Croft developed a special gem/coil setup for the Terminator, making it more effective for healing and awareness. This setup involves 17 specific gems on a double helix coil, visible in the orgonite part of the device. In contrast, the T-Rex uses different metals in its orgonite component and includes an extra strong magnet. It’s essentially a modified version of the Terminator, optimised for those already familiar with it. However, for those new to this type of energy, it’s recommended to start with the Terminator to avoid potential discomfort.

Each Zapper uses a standard nine volt battery. When it comes time to change the battery push the clip off with your thumb to avoid breaking the wire.

The copper disks go against the skin anywhere on the body, but, make sure you move the device if it starts to tingle, otherwise the acid in your body could potentially make a small hole in the skin if you leave in place too long when it's tingling. The ideal place to start wearing it is on your palms or soles during the day or while sleeping - when your body adjusts you can start moving it around to other places on the body.

If you’ve never used a zapper before, start off using it 2-8 hours a day every day for the first month. Start slow and drink plenty of water! When your body adjusts, ideally you want to wear the zapper for 8 hours a day. Use for one month to make sure any
parasites that don’t belong in your body are gone.

There could be some detox reactions from potentially eliminating dead parasites – if you detox too fast you could potentially feel sick (like you have the flu). if this happens slow down and do less time until your body adjusts.

There are no protocols for using a zapper for specific illnesses, but the the model you will receive is said to produce additional healing effects within a foot or so of the device, so many customers have chosen to wear the device on or near a problem area of the body.

We especially like to use our zappers during sleep because we feel that the device helps the body restore itself and detoxify then, due to the action of the device’s proprietary subtle energy elements.


Also avoid keeping the zapper anywhere where it starts to create discomfort.

If you drop the zapper in water,
remove the battery right away,
completely drain and dry the
zapper, then re-install the

CLEAN THE DISCS occasionally. We use a water-based, past form of copper cleaner. It’s harmless. Toothpaste is adequate.

When a person is very acidic, the copper discs will tarnish a bit and may leave a dark mark on the skin, which can simply be washed off. If you’ve made a red mark on your skin it means you’ve left the zapper in place too long while still acidic, but it’s also harmless.


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The Terminator Zapper© is a harmless research device and you are a de facto researcher. We do not guarantee a cure for any medical condition. The information here is for research purposes only

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If your zapper stops working, it can be repaired for $20USD + P&P to America. Please email support@atta.life for more information.

One of the most common repairs is to replace the battery clip, which in most cases it broke because the battery was removed improperly too many times. A battery clip will last for many years if the battery is changed properly.

If the battery is weak the light won’t flash or it will come on intermittently... so change the battery.

If you're unsure of whether its working Be sure to test the zapper and battery (Touch both of the zapper’s discs AT THE SAME TIME with your tongue while the light is flashing and if you don’t feel a tingle then clean the discs and try again.) before you send it back for repairs.