EPISODE 16 ~ Ze'ev Zohar

EPISODE 16 ~ Ze'ev Zohar

How do we revitalise the drinking water in our home? What is the best water to drink. And what is the deal with our tap water? We take a deep dive into the critical question: What's in our drinking water? and how can we improve it for us and our future generations Join us as we explore the essential element that sustains life, facing growing challenges of contamination and safety concerns.

In the pursuit for Healthy Water for All, two friends embarked on a quest sparked by a simple yet profound question: "What type of water is best for my baby?" This journey led to the founding of MAYU in 2018, with a distinct purpose—to revolutionise the water industry and make hydration easy without harming the environment.

Discover how the MAYU Swirl device breathes life back into water, replicating the natural energy of water environments. Join us on a journey to create a lively ambiance, keeping water oxygenated and clean. Uncover the story of MAYU and their commitment to bringing water back to life. Tune in for a compelling exploration of the challenges, innovations, and the quest for pure, sustainable water.

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