Age revitalisation with Analemma

GlycanAge is a precision cutting edge health test, it is the most accurate test of biological age and wellness available. They are the World leaders in glyco-science. Their award-winning scientists are at the forefront of biochemistry and molecular biology. They have studied ageing for over 20 years and published their findings in more than 120 scientific journals.

The team at Aǹalemma worked with GlycanAge to test the impact of Aǹalemma water on human health. In the study the participants that consumed Aǹalemma treated water for only three months experienced an incredible 1-12 years of biological age revitalisation. Their whole system got revitalised on the cellular level.

Aǹalemma water harmonises all living things.

It has the power to restore the balance necessary for Life to thrive.

Incredible 1-12 YEARS
of biological age revitalisation
in 99% of the participants
within only 3 MONTHS
of drinking the water

You can see the study here.

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