allergies - when did it all begin?

allergies - when did it all begin?

written by Barbara shead


Allergies  - When did it all begin?


Emotions can affect physical Health.    The constant denial of feeling FEAR and the avoidance of this can create a shutdown.  The body eventually responds physically with PANIC ATTACKS or ALLERGIES

Today I would like to follow this up with an example how fear can create allergies.

All my therapy sessions are completely confidential and it is therefore difficult to share the content of therapy sessions, so I shall relate a most interesting story I read in “Journey for Kids” that explained how a 5 year old South African girl, named Raksha, overcame a serious allergy.  She was allergic to cats, dogs, chicken, grass, pollen, dust, mites, chocolate, soya, peanuts, wheat, mango. Her allergies were getting worse.  She also suffered from acute asthma, was underweight, with very poor appetite. 

Raksha was very shy and withdrawn.  After experiencing a severe apoplectic fit at school she was rushed to hospital.  The doctors wanted her to take a cocktail of heavy medication.  No one really knew how to help her.  Her mother was desperate.  She had experienced “The Journey” which helped her heal from adult acne and decided to give that avenue a go. 

Children love Journey work.  They are open and excited to explore their emotions.

During the session she discovered a suppressed memory:

Her mother had to work and employed a nanny to look after her at the age pf 2 years.  Whilst preparing lunch the nanny wanted the girl to come indoors so she could keep an eye on her but found it difficult to keep her there as Raksha, being an inquisitive toddler, still wanted to go out and play.  The yard was such an exciting place with dogs, cats, chickens and a wonderful mango tree.  So the nanny told her that “a bogey man lived in the mango tree and if you go out there he’ll come and get you and eat you up.  Every time she went for the door she’d say “Don’t go near that door.  He’ll eat you.”  This really frightened the little girl and she did not want to go outside. 

She wanted to stay safe.  This phrase created such a shock.  She internalised her terror.  It was not processed in a healthy way, but went into lock down, without her even noticing that this is what had happened. 

If an emotion is unexpressed and left to grow it can fester.  The suppressed emotion eventually prompted a physical reaction.

After dealing with this shut down and facing this initial fear the girl was able to let it go and she made an amazing recovery and was allergy free within two weeks.

She now happily plays outdoors, has many friends, eats anything and everything, is full of energy and has lots of fun.

Everyone reacts differently to life’s situations.  Another child may have simply laughed this off or felt the fear and forgotten about it.

How many times have you avoided the fear emotion?  Perhaps you have done the opposite actively sought out danger to feel this fear and therefore put yourself at risk?  This is another avoidance technique to feeling what is really here.

If you have any allergies that have not responded well to other treatments, then this could be the answer to finally free yourself from it.

I am Barbara Shead always happy to help you heal  I am here to help you get in touch with your emotions, to the emotional root of your physical problem. 

All therapy sessions are strictly confidential so that you can openly and honestly express all in a safe and friendly, caring environment. 

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