Flanagan MicroCluster Technology

Flanagan MicroCluster Technology

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It all started years ago in a humble research lab where Drs. Gael and Patrick Flanagan embarked on a quest to enhance how our bodies absorb nutrients.

Their journey took them to five remote mountain regions, where people lived remarkably long and healthy lives, often beyond 120 years. What was their secret? It wasn't their diets, which varied widely. Surprisingly, it was their water – pure glacial melt, known as "Hunza Water," with unique properties that resembled the fluid surrounding our cells.

Dr. Flanagan's vision was simple: to recreate this miraculous water and share its benefits with the world, potentially extending our lifespans and boosting our vitality.

After years of dedicated research, they made a groundbreaking discovery. They developed a special mineral catalyst that transforms nutrients into ultra-small particles called "Nanocolloids." These tiny wonders enhance nutrient absorption by attracting water molecules, making the nutrients more readily available to our cells. In essence, they cracked the code of Hunza Water.

Their process, involving a 33-step method using minerals found in human tissue, gave birth to Flanagan Microclusters – a catalyst that supercharges nutrient absorption, as proven by scientific studies.

But does the legendary land of Shangri-La truly exist, where people defy aging and disease?

Yes, it does. And one such place is Hunza Land in Northern Pakistan, where folks routinely live to be over 120 years old, with minimal health issues like cancer or heart disease.

This mystical land captured the attention of Nobel laureate Dr. Henri Coanda, who entrusted young Patrick Flanagan with his research on the "Fountain of Youth." Patrick, with the support of his wife Dr. Gael Crystal Flanagan, continued this noble quest and eventually uncovered the secrets of Hunza water, culminating in the creation of silica-based Flanagan Microclusters®.

Their discoveries challenged conventional wisdom, revealing that it wasn't just trace minerals but also the unique molecular structure of water that gave Hunza water its magical properties.

Further exploration led to the revelation of abundant negatively charged hydrogen ions in Hunza water – nature's ultimate antioxidant. This discovery led to the development of Crystal Energy, a product infused with hydrogen ions, offering powerful antioxidant benefits.

In essence, the journey of Flanagan Microcluster Technology is a tale of scientific curiosity, dedication, and the quest for longevity and vitality. And you, dear reader, are invited to join this extraordinary adventure.


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