The Power of Vibrational Medicine: Healing with the Bioacoustics of Nature

The Power of Vibrational Medicine:  Healing with the Bioacoustics of Nature


Dr. Gretchen Weger Snell



 Guess What?  We can measure subtle energy!

With advanced technology we are now able to observe and monitor the presence of the subtle energies that have been previously undetectable by conventional methods.  This work is based on the assertion that the illness is initiated by imbalances in the energy systems of the body and proposes that methods to detect and to correct these imbalances are integral to a comprehensive health system.  The innovative research discussed in this work illustrates methods for both analysis of these imbalances and proposes a form of vibrational therapy (bioacoustics harmonics) to correct these imbalances.

All of nature oscillates, not just vibrates but oscillate around equilibrium/balance/set points - never a singular frequency.  Oscillations with harmonics; there is difference between an acoustic frequency with harmonics and a stagnant frequency that entrains energy into one state. Best example for an acoustic/harmonic sound is the human voice.

We shared the philosophy that illness is initiated by imbalances in the body’s subtle energy fields, therefore, we believe that this is where we must shift our focus in the healing process.  If we don’t address the energy body, we are only looking at a portion of the person.

Changes that affect the healing process can be detected on an energetic level prior to physical manifestation and this can be measured.

The research study was designed to prove the proposal that the healing effects of energy medicine can be objectively measured.  In this case, specifically through the use of Bioacoustic frequencies or Sayonic Therapy.  The healing effects were measured and monitored using biomarkers of:

  1. Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

  2. Autonomic nervous system coherence and,

  3. Acupuncture meridian analysis.

Research in the public domain correlates dysfunction of any of these variables with various pathological conditions.

The term “bioacoustics” is used to describe a cross-disciplinary science combining biology and acoustics.  It concerns sounds produced by or affecting living organisms, especially as relating to communication.

Sound healing/Therapeutic Sound differs from music therapy in significant ways.

Acoustic Sound is Alive!

Tomatis:  It was his deep conviction that sound and the act of listening, which starts in the womb, is essential for proper physical and psychological development, that, “listening" is a high-level ability that opens directly into consciousness.

Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle taught the effects of sound and healing.  The healing ceremonies of indigenous people incorporate sound, rhythm and music as an important part of the process.

Researchers found that listening to and playing some types of music increases the body’s production of the antibody immunoglobulin, a natural killer of cells - the cells that attack invading viruses and boost the immune system’s effectiveness.  Music also reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. 

Acoustic sound is alive.  It resonates with the natural overtones or harmonics present in nature, not only on the physical level in human cells, but also in the subtle energy fields around the cell.  Electric sound (anything from radio waves to electric guitars) has no overtone and therefore, contains no real chi - the life-giving essence that nurtures the physical giving essence that nurtures the physical body or the electromagnetic field (Maman)

Herbert Fröhlich, Noble prize-winning scientist has demonstrated that tissue and organs have collective frequencies that regulate cellular processes.  When this frequency is altered, loss of coherence ensues that can lead to disease.

And the Pathology?

“While pathology may manifest as chemical imbalances, the underlying problem is electromagnetic (i.e. energetic).  Hence balance can often be restored by providing the correct or ‘healthy’ frequency and entraining the oscillations back to coherence (Oschman)”

“Because of the entraining (modifying or drawing in and changing the phase) capacity of single electronically generated frequencies, if they are used for sustained periods, they can trigger and hold a person in any number of psycho-emotional states…This type of entrainment already occurs due to the 50 and 60 Hertz electromagnetic fields people live in daily and the electronic devices they live with—including TV’s computers. (Fiorenza).

In contrast to the belief that a steady heart rate is ideal, it is now known that variability is normal and desired.  The loss of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a strong indicator for disease and future health problems (MCraty).  Years of research conducted by the HeartMath Institute reveals that the variability in the heart’s rhythms correlates with the function of the autonomic nervous system thus affecting all other systems in the body.  (We are talking about fight or flight and relaxation and how that influences the function of internal organs)

“Numbers studies have shown that heart coherence is an optimal physiological state associated with increased cognitive function, self-regulatory capacity, emotional stability and resilience” (When the body is at it’s most optimum balance.)

The acupuncture meridians comprise an organizing network for distribution and utilization of information necessary for maintaining homeostasis (balance).  For entire cultures maintain the health of these energy system are vital to their health systems.  Free flow of energy through the meridians is essential to vibrant health.  Voll found that early disturbances in organ function could be noted through measurable energetic disturbances in the energy systems long before clinical symptoms appear.

It is important to note that EAV is not directly measuring the energy in the meridians of the body.  Since this type of energy is yet undefined and lies of outside of the four primary forces of classical physics, direct measurement is not possible.  The electrical flow (conductance) gives us an indication of the energetic health-status of the meridian that we are testing”. (You can not directly measure energy but we observe and correlate health based on the electrical flow through them.)


The Data

Findings indicated that the initial session of listening to the final Sayonic Therapy compilation improved autonomic coherence in 80% of the participants.  A follow-up study was conducted to determine whether or not this coherence could be sustained over time.  The two-week follow-up testing indicated that 70% of the participants were able to sustain the improvements in coherence.  Out of the 80%, 70% were able to maintain it.

The data shows that HRV (Heart Rate Variability) had increased in half of the participants.  Of those that did not show improvement were the two that were on anti-depressants and smoked heavily.

After two weeks of the Sayonic Therapy, the impedance in the meridians, which was consistent with improvement in the systems and organs, correlated with the meridian readings. In other words, wherever there were blocks in the meridians, these blockages improved, improving the flow of vital energy. In addition, every participant indicated significant improvements in sleeping patterns.

Research in the public domain verifies that acoustic frequencies used in Sound Therapy can promote the health of the living organism through a variety of markers.  Frequencies from acoustic instruments can improve immune markers such as immunoglobulins, interleukins and natural killer cell, reduce cortisol levels, and affect the electromagnetic field of cells. Fiorenza’s research reveals the use of specific frequencies that correspond to color, sound, geometry and planetary harmonic produced positive healing response on physical, emotional and mental levels.  Maman’s research proves that the human voice produces the most profound healing effects; he believes this is due to the fact that the human voice contains a unique quality - consciousness. 

Investigative research proves that an optimal level of HRV and high coherence within an organism reflects healthy function and inherent self-regulatory capacity. Coherence signifies a system whose optimal efficient functioning positively affects the ease and flow of life’s processes.


Non-Invasive Therapy through Resonance, Frequency, Harmonics!

Through resonance, the healthy frequencies provided through Sayonic Therapy, entrain the homodynamic oscillating systems within the living organism back to a healthy vibrational level.  The electromagnetic fields of the body harmonize with the healing frequencies of nature, finding optimal levels of efficiency and performance, thus conserving expenditure of energy.

The results presented above study illustrate that vibrational medicine, in the form of Bioacoustic frequencies (Sayonic 3), did produce an observable, measurable effect in various levels of the body.  First, in the Physical body - HRV and autonomic coherence system measurements demonstrated that the bioacoustic frequencies, Sayonic Therapy, did produce directly measurable changes in the body, by altering physiological biomarkers for health, in addition to improvement in sleep for every participant.  Moreover, the test results demonstrate that these specific bioacoustic frequencies are producing a measurable change in the acupuncture systems of the body (meridians) by using EDA technology.

An unexpected outcome resulting from this study is that this modality, Sayonic Therapy presents an inexpensive, non-invasive therapy to address underserved populations.  Irrespective of color or creed, economic or health status, Sayonic Therapy empowers an individual to take an active role in their healing process.



About the Researcher:   Gretchen Weger Snell, PhD, DNM is a clinician and researcher in the field of natural and energy medicine.  She utilizes traditional healing methods in combination with the latest technological advances in the field of alternative and natural health care to teach clients to build health naturally.  In addition, Dr. Snell is an instructor and faculty member at the Institute of Natural Health Sciences in Farmington, Michigan. 

About the Composer:  Multi Grammy nominated, Kate Hart began her musical journey in 1969.  While touring and garnering awards for her recordings and live performances, Kate began to teach connecting to core voice and more. Kate quickly saw a difference it made to all ages to connect to their core voice. Shifts in confidence and health were more typical than not which lead to a natural progression into working with sound as a therapeutic modality. Combined with her studies of ancient cultures and writings, Kate discovered frequencies that are related to deep alignment. She has taken not only these frequencies, but much more, leading to her music being researched. The unique process is now trademarked and called “Sayonic Music” ™. Kate’s music is currently being used by individuals, massage therapists, nurses, dentists, naturopaths, cranial sacral therapists and more.  


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