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The 12 Cell Salts - heal at a cellular level - Online video course recording

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ONLINE lecture with Dawn Waterhouse

What is a Cell Salt?

'Cell Salts sometimes called Tissue Salts (also known as Schuessler Salts) - To explain what a cell salt is, we need to understand that disease is not a natural state within the body, and the body will want to right it self (heal) from the situation. Within the body there are key essential inorganic mineral salts. Our early homeopaths discovered that using these inorganic mineral salts in a 6x helps to correct imbalances within the body. Helping to work on ailments at a cellular level and helping the body assimilate. They also found that by working at this level, they were reduced the chances of more serious ailments arising.' - Dawn Waterhouse

In our Cell Salts workshop, Dawn shares with you:

- an overview of the history of cell salts
- What a cell salt is
- Reasons why we would use a cell salt
- What the 12 Cell Salts are 
- Some of the Common cell salts for physical ailments
- Some of the Common cell salts for men and emotional ailments
- Some easy to use Cell Salt formulas for common ailments.

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