Analemma - Technology inspired by nature

Analemma - Technology inspired by nature

How Aǹalemma water is made - Learning from the natural world.

To create Aǹalemma water, the team drew inspiration from the various physical and geometric forces that shape life on planet Earth. The best example of this natural order are fractals, the infinite self-repeating patterns found in numerous biological structures, from shell structures to the way plants grow new leaves.

The science of emulating nature to create new technologies is called biomimetics – and Aǹalemma water is the ultimate biomimetic device. Imitating the cycles of water in nature, the Analemma  proprietary technology combines the use of geometry, kinetic energy, electromagnetic waves, precious metals and a process mimicking lightning strikes to create stable coherent water.



The ovoid - nature’s most elegant structure

Geometry played a pivotal role in the creation of Aǹalemma water. At the very start, they run the water through a large ovoid-shaped device, which allows it to move in a spiral, vortex-like motion. This procedure brings the water into a state of “implosion”, a phenomenon first described by Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian innovator in the field of water treatment and sustainable energy use. The ovoid shape creates a centripetal energy pull on the water swirling inside it. In a sense, energy is being pulled inward rather than outward. Scauberger stated that this centripetal pull underlies the creative force of all life, and perhaps it is no coincidence that most plant seeds and animal eggs are ovoidal – within that perfect structure lies the greatest force: the potential for a new life.


Precious metals and minerals

Another aspect of our procedure is the use of various materials, such as precious metals, minerals and crystals like quartz.

Each material carries its own energetic signature, and the team layer these materials using specific geometric forms and rules. For example, the different materials are distributed using phi, the golden ratio found in natural structures, such as the DNA double helix, or the distances between various parts of the human body.


The maturation phase

Next, the water enters a resting state under ground, similar to how water in nature moves from the surface level into the ground through infiltration and groundwater recharge.

They achieve this by placing the water in an underground chamber insulated with a rare material found in certain types of clay. This lasts for a full year, which exposes the water to the full spectrum of electromagnetic information coming toward our planet from the surrounding cosmic layer. At the same time, the insulating material extracted from clay protects it from harmful radiation.



The coherent state of water

Ultimately, the Analemma technology creates water that is highly receptive to a particular type of information. During the procedure, they are not infusing the water with a specific frequency – rather, they are using energy to shape it into a perfect receptacle, like carving out a bowl from a clump of clay.

In a sense, the water starts behaving like a crystal. The best way to describe it is to compare it with an old-school radio. Back in the day, radios had a Galena crystal built into their antennas that allowed them to pick up only a specific frequency. Similarly, during their procedure, Aǹalemma water has been sensitised to pick up only the optimal information from its environment, while disregarding the rest.

According to the theory of quantum electrodynamics, this harmonious energy seems to be stored in the physical relationship of H₂O molecules in water – known as the coherent state of water.


Bringing the technology into your hands

When they were designing the Aǹalemma wand, they had one goal in mind: to create a sustainable, elegant tool that will allow anyone to easily create endless amounts of coherent water – with no recurring purchases necessary.

Their technology creates what they call the “mother water” – the supercharged full-spectrum coherent water they  fill into our wands. The Aǹalemma wand is made of quartz, a crystal whose physical structure allows it to transmit energy from the inside to the outside. When regular water is placed in close proximity to the Aǹalemma wand, the dominant, highly ordered configuration of the water inside the wand is copied to the outside, and the regular water in the glass becomes coherent, allowing you to receive all of its benefits.

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