The ocean contains the homeostatic blueprint of life

The ocean contains the homeostatic blueprint of life

 Allegedly, the nutritional and genetic information present in marine plasma may support the extra-cellular fluid and potentially aid in cellular communication

Maintaining a balanced internal environment is crucial for overall well-being, as it helps support the overal functioning of the body. Consistency in maintaining homeostasis is key. Any prolonged imbalance in essential nutrients can potentially impact well-being.

Some nutritional supplements are thought to aim for balance, considering various aspects. The energy expended in absorbing, assimilating, and eliminating a nutritional product can sometimes exceed the energy gained from it. It is suggested that a significant portion of mineral supplements may not be well absorbed, potentially leading to unabsorbed residues being processed by the intestines, liver, and kidneys. This process could potentially impact hydration levels and body pH.

The intestines absorb Marine Plasma through passive diffusion. Due to the organic minerals and marine co-factors being 'pre-digested' by plankton, they may not necessitate active digestion for assimilation.

Marine Plasma offers a gradual replenishment to the body, supporting organic regeneration of the internal environment. It provides minerals and trace elements in optimal synergy, naturally and actively, aiding in electrolyte balance within the interstitial fluid and blood.


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