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Phi Sciences Dr. Patrick Flanagan MegaHydrate® Hydration Powder

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Dr. Patrick Flanagan's Mega Hydrate powder unlocks water's potential for nourishing cells and eliminating waste. When dehydrated, cells struggle to absorb nutrients and flush out waste, which can also result from caffeine consumption.

MegaHydrate® goes beyond hydration; it's an incredibly potent antioxidant. Unlike antioxidants that become free radicals, MegaHydrate® antioxidant powder remains pure. Taking it daily provides more hydrogen ions than consuming pounds of fruits, vegetables, or "healing waters."

Our bodies need hydrogen for survival, but factors like mass food production, nutrient-poor soil, and chemical exposure often leave us deficient. Mega Hydrate drink powder addresses dehydration symptoms, with many users reporting increased energy. It's a safe dietary supplement rich in antioxidants, proven through testing with no known side effects.

(Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)


Key Advantages of Megahydrate: "Stem Cell" of the Elements

Megahydrate boasts a range of noteworthy benefits:

1. Optimal Safety and Health Impact:

Recognised for its safety and health-promoting properties, Megahydrate stands out as one of the most secure and potent sources of stabilised free electrons, particularly in the form of negatively charged hydrogen. By counteracting the detrimental effects of free radicals, reactive oxygen species, and contagions, it effectively prevents damage and pain induced by the electron-stripping process.

2. Antioxidant Cascade Replenishment:

Unveiling a remarkable secret, Megahydrate facilitates the conversion of numerous depleted antioxidants into functional ones, thereby rejuvenating the antioxidant cascade. This unique capability contributes to sustained cellular health.

3. Essential for Life and Rejuvenation:

Negatively charged hydrogen ions, a fundamental component of Megahydrate, play a crucial role in supporting life and promoting rejuvenation. In the face of modern challenges such as stress, mineral-deficient soil, chemical contaminants, and processed foods, Megahydrate's supply of negatively charged hydrogen ions helps counteract the damage caused to body cells, addresses dehydration, and mitigates cellular aging.

4. Hydrogen: "Stem Cell" of the Elements:

Recognised as the "stem cell" of the mineral world, hydrogen takes its place alongside Carbon and Oxygen as the basic atoms of life. Being the primary physical building block of all life, hydrogen is positioned as the dominant element in a human being and holds paramount importance for hydration. Megahydrate, functioning as a nutrient delivery vehicle for negatively-charged hydrogen, reinforces the crucial role of hydrogen as the "stem cell" of the elements.

5. Neutralizing and Correcting Damage:

Megahydrate comes to the rescue by neutralising and correcting the damage inflicted on the body cells due to various factors, including stress, mass food production, pesticide use, chemical preservatives, and the consumption of chlorinated and fluoridated water. By providing an abundant source of negatively charged hydrogen ions, it aids in restoring balance and promoting overall well-being.

6. Efficient Antioxidant Mechanism:

Hydrogen, acknowledged as an antioxidant, operates as the "clean" antioxidant, generating no waste products. When hydrogen encounters a reactive oxygen species, it forms water, showcasing an efficient and environmentally friendly antioxidant mechanism. Megahydrate, as a carrier of negatively charged hydrogen, aligns with this beneficial quality, acting as a super-antioxidant and contributing to a waste-free antioxidant process.

 - Megahydrate powder provides 50g of powder per bottle.

Silica hydride proprietary blend: potassium citrate, silica, potassium carbonate, oleic acid, hydrogen negative ions (H-)

Commence with a 1/8th scoop twice daily at the outset. Progressively increase the dosage to four times daily, although using 1/4 teaspoon twice daily would yield equivalent results.

Follow any alternative instructions provided by a healthcare practitioner.

WARNING: Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.

NOTE: MegaHydrate should be taken on an empty stomach and not with anything acidic (which may neutralise the benefits of the hydrogen), so not with coffee, tea, fruit, smoothie or suchlike. we suggest it's best taken on an empty stomach and then waiting 15-20 minutes before eating, or drinking anything acidic.

In summary, MegaHydrate challenges dehydration symptoms and minimises the ageing process. We have numerous customers reporting an increase in energy. MegaHydrate is safe, having been tested and shown to have no known side effects.

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  • Brand: Dr Patrick Flanagan. 
  • Size: 50g Powder (1.76 oz).
  • Container: BPA-free plastic tub.
  • Estimated shelf life from purchase: 1-2 Years.
  • Storage: Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.

Keep powder in a dark cool dry place.