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Light Shapes Life; Light and its effects on your health - Online video course

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Light Shapes Life is meant to teach and show people how light influences everything in our life, especially our health.

Modern humans spend 90% of their time indoors and it’s causing us to be more sick than we ever have been by disrupting our natural rhythms and hormones that are tied to nature and its light cycle. We spend so much time and money focused on certain health factors like diet, exercise, and sleep; but yet the elephant in the room for optimal health is light. If you don’t have your light life right, you can never have your health right. Come learn about the future of health and gain longevity and freedom to share and shine on to others!


In this workshop Jackie covers:

Foundations of Light
- Esoteric aspects of light (sun of god, light beings, consciousness)
- History of light therapy
- Corruption of Light therapy
- Positive Light
- Negative Light
- Fixing your light life
- A live q&a 
A Handout with:
- Light Life Habits
- Light Life Resources (articles, books, websites)
- Light Life Product Suggestions (with discount codes)
- Light Life Referrals (practitioners, platforms)


2 hours

If you purchased an interactive workshops you will receive a secret link, via email, to access the workshop prior to the event or, when purchasing a live recording, you will be sent the workshop after purchase.