Aǹalemma water improves the state of the gut microbiome!

Aǹalemma water improves the state of the gut microbiome!

What is the gut microbiome?

Traversing the human digestive tract are myriad microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, constituting the gut microbiome, pivotal in shaping our identity. Their functions are multifaceted and indispensable.

These microbes facilitate food breakdown, aid nutrient absorption, and generate short-chain fatty acids, crucial as cellular energy sources. Engaging in intricate interactions with immune system pathways, the gut microbiome fortifies the body against harmful pathogens and mitigates autoimmune responses.

Additionally, research underscores the gut microbiome's influence on mood and behaviour, attributed to neurotransmitter production like serotonin, thereby impacting conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen significantly contributes to preserving the gut microbiome's equilibrium. However, there's another avenue to support gut health. Recent findings from our double-blind study suggest that consuming coherent water could present a pioneering method to enhance gut microbiome balance.

How did they assess the condition of the gut microbiome?

This study was conducted in collaboration with Biovis Diagnostik, a specialised research company in microbiome studies. They devised a laboratory test measuring the dysbiosis index, a comprehensive indicator of gut health. Various factors are considered in this test. For instance, the Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio is measured, named after the two main bacterial groups in the human gut microbiome. This ratio offers crucial insights into overall gut health, with skewed ratios often associated with metabolic conditions like diabetes. Additionally, the dysbiosis index accounts for parameters such as the presence of pathogenic fungi (like Candida) and beneficial bacteria, such as those producing butyrate. By assessing these aspects, a final score is generated, reflecting the overall state of the gut microbiome.

The second metric used is the pathogenic bacteria index. While the dysbiosis index offers a broader measure, focusing on similar bacterial groups, the pathogenic bacteria index is more direct. It evaluates the presence of 11 distinct bacterial species with potentially harmful effects, serving as a key indicator of gut resilience.

Treatment Phase:
To investigate the impact of Analemma water on gut microbiota, a study involved participants of various ages. Initially, a baseline test was conducted. Participants were then instructed to consume a minimum of 50 oz (1.5 L) of Analemma water daily for three months while maintaining their usual routines. After this period, a follow-up test was conducted to evaluate changes.

After just three months of regular Analemma water consumption, participants experienced an average 16% enhancement in the dysbiosis index compared to those consuming a placebo.

The gut microbiome is influenced by numerous genetic and environmental factors concurrently. Individual differences significantly impact gut health, evident in the varied responses to the same treatment among different individuals.

Therefore, the Analemma team assessed the overall number of participants showing any improvement in the gut microbiome, regardless of specific scores. Even a slight change can signify significant improvement for someone with initially low scores due to prior circumstances. Remarkably, 88% of Analemma water consumers witnessed an enhancement in the dysbiosis index compared to only 38% in the placebo group.

Likewise, a higher percentage of Analemma group participants experienced either a decline or stability in the levels of the 11 pathogenic bacterial species compared to the placebo group. These findings suggest that Analemma water has a protective effect on the human gut, aiding in building resilience against harmful pathogens.

Discover More About the Microbiome Study:

Coherent Water for a Balanced Gut:
The outcomes of this study highlight the positive impact of high-quality coherent water on our microbiome's condition. However, this is just the beginning. The ongoing communication between our cells and gut microbes influences various aspects of our health and well-being.

Gut microbes shape our immune responses from infancy, distinguishing between harmful pathogens and our own biomolecules. They also regulate the production of neurotransmitters, impacting our daily emotional states and our interaction with the world. Now, by altering the physical properties of the water we consume, we can support them.

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