We are super excited to have had the opportunity to spend time with Veda Austin. She was definitely on our bucket list of people to talk too! We were blown away by her unique knowledge of water and how important it is to us all.

Veda says water is not a resource its a source and it became very apparent why. Water is our companion, and more than just companion, it is what makes us. We are continually obliged to water, and it to us, as we are in an interdependent relationship with it.

She is making waves with her water research and paving the way for new water science. We chatted about her journey and introduction to water through a car crash that changed the way she looked at water for the rest of her life. She shares her wisdom and techniques, how water has 4 stages and how that effects all living things. We went into how water is a transmitter and receiver of language and showed us the effects of 5G. We ended on how the spirituality of water and how water can tell us about death. We hope this is the first of many with this amazing lady.

Wishing you a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER & HEALED life

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