EPISODE 04 - Mario Brainovic

EPISODE 04 - Mario Brainovic


Imagine having more energy, a healthy gut, a clear mind and youthful body - with Analemma water it all stops being a dream! And its back by 15 years worth of science!

Mario Brainovic joined us for this deep dive to discuss the mystery of life and its make up and connection to the most intelligent element on earth - water!

we discussed ~ -the importance of water?

-how water acts as an information transmitter

-new research on ATP levels

-how the power of the Analemma water effects the human and soil microbiome

-bathing in Analemma water with the whole house system

-agriculture systems and how it super charges our food

-the link between water and our innate health and so much more!

Wishing you a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER & HEALED life




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