the three principles for mental health

In this chat with the lovely Sam Hurst we uncovered what the The Three Principles are.

Dove into Sydney Banks who had a profound, spontaneous realisation about the foundation of all human experience.

Sam spoke of her own journey of mental health, undergoing a personal transformation with this teaching and now dedicating her time through the one minding project (www.oneminding.com) to share what she has learnt with as many people as possible.

The Principles don’t prescribe anything to do or tell us how to live but simply describe how we are creating our experience of life from moment to moment. And the more we understand about how our minds work, the more ease and joy we find in life, whatever we are doing.

Wishing you a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER & HEALED life


Find Sam at our online Clinic - https://atta.life/pages/online-clinic

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