EPISODE 12 ~ Jack Hodgson

ATTA permaculture Jack gorwing your own


Jack Hodgson, based in London, is an urban cultivator and permaculture designer renowned in the world of growers. He is dedicated to guiding people in reconnecting with nature while imparting comprehensive knowledge on cultivating their vegetables.

His journey began during his time in Australia, where he cultivated a deep passion for harnessing nature's innate systems to produce food and enrich the soil in a regenerative manner. For four years in London, he skillfully managed a permaculture-based, no-dig market garden, cultivating microgreens and mushrooms within a 20-foot shipping container, supplying local restaurants and farmers markets.

Presently, Jack is committed to instructing and crafting gardens in the UK, founded on three fundamental principles: no-dig, permaculture, and biodynamic farming. Through sharing the wealth of knowledge he has amassed, he empowers others to cultivate their own sustenance. We hope you enjoy as much as we did.

Wishing you a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER & HEALED life Love ATTA

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