EPISODE 11 - Alison Cowell

Author Alison Cowell tells us how to listen to our bodies effectively.

We chatted to Alison Cowell - holistic nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, speaker and author with 18 years experience in the health world - about her latest book on Cracking The Diet Code - the ultimate guide to understanding your body and responding with the right nutrition.

So many health conditions could be prevented if we understood our own body talk. Despite making the best food choices (most of the time ;) ) there is still a rise in conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stress, IBS, hormonal imbalances etc? That's because many people are not listening to their body. They are ignoring the twitchy eye, the ridged fingernails, coated tongue, niggly headache, lack of sleep, irregular bowel movements...and every other signal the body sends to alert us it is not getting the nutrients it needs.

Link to Alisons book

Link to Alisons workshop

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