EPISODE 10 ~ Professor Gerald Pollack

EPISODE 10 ~ Professor Gerald Pollack chats about the 4th phase of water, grounding, the atom & more


Dr. Gerald Pollack, a biomedical engineering research scientist affiliated with the University of Washington, made a groundbreaking discovery revealing a previously unknown state of water that exists beyond the traditional forms of liquid, solid, and vapour. This unique state, referred to as H3O2 or gel water, possesses characteristics that lie between those of a solid and a liquid. With an additional hydrogen and oxygen molecule, it exhibits a smoother texture compared to regular H2O.

Intriguingly, approximately 70 to 90% of the water within your body is actually composed of H3O2. This explains why water doesn't simply pour out of your body like water from a hose when you get a cut, as your cells are filled with this denser, H3O2-rich water. In this podcast we chat about his current books and how they came about and also his new and exciting books soon to be launched. Dr. Pollack coined the term "exclusion zone water" or EZ water to emphasise that the H3O2 in your body possesses a unique structure, allowing it to exclude even the tiniest particles.

Essentially, the water in your body acts as a natural filter, preventing impurities from penetrating your cells. This crucial function at the cellular level forms the basis of disease prevention and maintaining good health. We hope you enjoy as much as we did.

Wishing you a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER & HEALED life Love ATTA

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