EPISODE 09 - Nazmeen Khaliq

EPISODE 09 - What is Face Yoga and why can it help with your whole wellbeing.

Learn how Face Yoga and holistic beauty will help you look and feel great, naturally whist supporting your wellbeing.

Deep dive with Nazmeen Khaliq and ATTA as explains and shows us the ancient wisdom on Traditional Chinese Medicine Face Yoga by using the facial meridian lines to work with energy (Qi) throughout the whole body.

The technique lifts and sculpts the face & neck whilst healing the organs in your body. She has also given a discount code exclusively to the ATTA community for her beginners Face Yoga program!! Click here and add Atta at check out for 20% off 💛

When performed correctly and practised daily, facial exercise can improve your skin’s general health, boosting the production of collagen & elastin meaning plumper, smoother, radiant, healthy-looking skin. It also improves the circulation to your brain and the glands, therefore helping to combat headaches, improve concentration, boost your energy levels and balance your hormones.

She shares with us the power of ageing gracefully and how important it is to connect back to ourselves through a bespoke skincare routine with self care and self love.

Naz's and ATTA’s mission align to help the body, and mind renew and heal naturally whilst helping you become the best version of yourself inside and out.

Wishing you a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER & HEALED life Love ATTA

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