EPISODE 08 - Catherine Mort

episode 8 - minerals are the sparks plugs of life - part 1 of a dive into the Root Cause Protocol


The Root Cause Protocol (RCP) is a holistic mineral balancing approach developed by Morley Robbins as a way to support and nourish the body and optimise health at at the cellular level. It is a culmination of many years of research and revolutionary in its approach to health. The RCP encompasses a whole body approach and recognises the effects of all stressors on the body's ability to create energy and clear cellular exhaust. It looks at how all elements work together, rather than limiting the focus to isolated nutrients or conditions.

We chat to Catherine Mort from the RCP team for a part 1 deep dive.

We would love to hear your questions for part 2!

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy & Healed life 



1 to 1 session with Catherine Mort

Meet Catherine Mort

EFT at the ATTA clinic 

Instagram live video with Catherine 


Root Cause Protocol handbook - (with stops and starts)

Root Cause Protocol trainin

Morley Robbins book - Cu-re your fatigue


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