looking for great skin? the amazing benefits of analemma water on the skin

looking for great skin? the amazing benefits of alanemma water on the skin

Our skin is a complex combination of epithelial, immune and endocrine cells, nerve endings and beneficial bacteria, all of which depend on water for optimal function.

If you're already drinking Analemma water, you might want to consider applying it to your skin and use for dental hygiene.

Stable coherent water could be the perfect addition to your skin care routine, to increase your cellular energy and even enhance the absorption of nutrients you're already using.

Here is a few tips of how to maximise your Analemma water. 



Use your Analemma water as a main (or only) ingredient in a homemade face spray.



Pour it into a clean spray bottle and apply throughout the day.

Face sprays can help to -

 • refresh and hydrate your skin

• seal in extra moisture

• soothe sensitive skin



 Enjoy a warm hand and foot bath easily at home:


*  fill a large enough washbowl with warm water: ~ 95°F (35°C)

* soak for 30 minutes for optimal results

Research has shown that water therapy works wonders on all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis.

The physical pressure of water immersion can support sore limbs, decrease aches and swelling, and loosen stiff joints.

Try adding some epsom salts, boron or essential oils to add to your experience.

Always buffer your essential oils.



Make your own face mask using coherent water as a base.


Prepare your water with the Analemma wand and add other ingredients to your liking.

You can add:

* essential oils ( always use the correct dosage & buffer)

* apple cider vinegar

* aloe vera

* oats

* herbs, such as rose petals & calendula

* algae  such as spirulina

* honey

* fruit

* eggs

* avocado

* high quality vitamin &mineral enriched oils such as wheatgerm & sea buckthorn

* kaolin clay



Wet wraps are often used to soothe irritated skin. They are great with warm or cool water whichever you prefer.


You can prepare your own wet wrap this way:

* Wet a cloth, towel, muslin, or flannel  in Añalemma water

* Wrap the irritated skin area and leave for as long as desired.

* Apply a hydrating cream or oil to seal in the moisture

Wet face cloths are great for - eczema

* sunburn

* lowering body temperature

* relaxation

* cleansing & washing



You can easily prepare an easy coherent water mouthwash by adding a few simple ingredients to your Analemma water.


Salt, baking soda and apple cider vinegar are a great base.

You can also add essential oils  like Tea Tree & Myrrh.  Make sure they are high quality pure essential oils, always use with caution & with oil dosage.

 This can -

* inhibit dental bacteria

* promote healing

* heal sores

* improve the microbiome in the mouth



Ice is a great way to refresh your skin. Here's how to easily do it at home:


* pour your Analemma water into a bowl

* add ice cubes (made from Añalemma water)

* submerge your face for 15-30 seconds

* repeat as many times as you like (up to 20 minutes)

Ice water baths can eliminate puffiness, help with acne, soothe sunburn, redness, and inflammation, reduce signs of aging, and give your face a healthy glow.

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