seasonal allergies - say goodbye to allergy symptoms

seasonal allergies - say goodbye to allergy symptoms

Seasonal allergies can feel overwhelming, but often the only options discussed are staying indoors or taking pharmaceutical interventions. However, histamine is our body's natural response to a disrupted relationship with our environment, and not just seasonal allergies. Stress, toxins, pollution, and mold can all trigger histamine release, as well as leaky gut. Lack of information and exposure to sun, clean air, water, microbes, and food leave us vulnerable to allergic reactions.

Spring offers a unique opportunity to align with the natural world and sync with the rhythms of the sun. This helps to balance our histamine with melatonin in the short-term and vitamin D3 in the long-term. Magnesium, copper, vitamin C, and quercetin are natural nutrients that can help decrease histamine. Magnesium and copper are essential for the DAO enzyme (Diamine oxidase) which breaks down histamine in the body, while quercetin and vitamin C block the inappropriate release of histamine from mast cells. When DAO is deficient, histamine builds up in the body causing a variety of symptoms. 

Indigenous cultures have long recognised the power of plants and their "doctrine of signatures." Plants not only contain nutrients and phytochemicals for our health but also have an essence that can aid in healing. Honey has been shown to improve symptoms of irritated, congested, itchy, or runny noses from seasonal allergies. Elderberry is packed with quercetin, a natural antihistamine that can block the release of histamine from mast cells. Nettle is an incredible herb packed with minerals that can provide relief from high histamine symptoms.

The Trinity Pro is amazing tool for balancing the body out and saying good bye to allergy symptoms. A simple detox programme could calm the toxic overload and help relieve symptoms, sometimes for good.

Ultimately, true health lies in tending to our relationship with the natural world around us.

If you need any help with seasonal allergies or any other allergy symptoms please get in contact at and we can point you in the right direction.

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