mental Health and the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

mental Health and the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

Mental Health and the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

By Nikki Macro

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) is an acupressure therapy combined with modern talking psychology.

EFT involves gently tapping on specific points around the face and upper torso while talking through the issue to be resolved.

EFT works with a range of mental health issues including anxiety, stress, PTSD, depression, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, trauma and pain.

Please see the testimonial below from a past client of mine, who experienced the power of EFT to help them remove blocks to healing:

“Having tried various routes of talking therapies in the past, I was eager to look into different approaches to supporting myself. I met Nikki on a course and after she described her approaches to self-support I was really interested to explore.

At the time I was experiencing high levels of anxiety and low mood and after my initial contact with Nikki, I found the principles of EFT fascinating whilst also beginning to see the benefits it can bring, whilst helping to calm down my racing mind allowing me to feel calmer and present in the moment.

The Tapping allowed me to focus on areas of my life that may have caused trauma or where I haven't been able to move on, whilst acknowledging these the tapping techniques allowed me to accept the past but also to love and accept myself - which was really important for me, allowing me to move on.

Nikki brings a calm approach to her sessions, a great setting and one where I felt at ease. The guided tapping and talking really helped me and whilst in-between sessions, I was given techniques to continue to use day to day to help with my anxiety and low mood.

By doing this and engaging with Nikki, I am now able to manage this more effectively than ever before.

A huge thanks to Nikki, her patience, understanding and continual support throughout.

Having tried other 'types' of therapy, I highly recommend EFT as this can be practised daily, helps to regulate emotions and is a fantastic 'Tool' that we should all be equipped with.”



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