Our brain is the organ in the body which contains the most liquid; therefore water plays a crucial and major role in all of its functions. While testing the influence of Aǹalemma on brainwaves, the team at Aǹalemma noticed that within half an hour of drinking the Aǹalemma water an equilibrium effect naturally occurred.

Using an EEG they noticed immediately positive effects of Aǹalemma water in various parts of the brain. It creates harmony and stability in our bodies and mind, and one of the key areas where this harmonization occurs is in the brain.

They studied the brainwaves of two twins. In the experiment; one twin consumed regular 
water and the other twin consumed coherent structured water from using the Aǹalemma.

The experiment showed a change in delta and theta brainwaves in the twin that consumed coherent water after a single day.

Neither the participants nor the scientists conducting the experiment were informed which water sample was the coherent one.

There was a very positive difference in the balance between the left and the right side of the brain in the twin that was consuming the coherent water. It was noticeable within only a few hours of the initial consumption. The positive effect continued to persist. 

Three weeks later, the other twin was asked to consume the coherent water. The extremely positive effects in balance and harmony in the brainwaves was then also visible. When the twins were both consuming only the mineral water the tests showed no positive effect at all on the brain balance whatsoever.

The tests concluded and showed that the consumption of coherent structured water has a positive effect in both the twins when they consumed the Aǹalemma water.

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