These days, most people know that drinking water is beneficial for your health, but does anyone think about the quality of the water, or even the structure?

Water is the primary liquid of life. It makes up approximately 70% - 80% of the human body; organisms as a whole are composed of 80% to 99% water.

Water is life sustaining - we wouldn’t be here without it. As babies, before our bodies take their first breath of oxygen, we take breaths of water.

Amniotic fluid, consisting mainly of water, protects us and cradles us. Water is found in every human cell and is involved in all bodily functions from respiration and digestion, to temperature regulation and waste removal.

Water is also involved in every chemical process in the body. Water is the medium through which chemical reactions can take place. It enables the transition, absorption, and transformation of oxygen, hormones, and nutrients. In nature, water is always flowing, moving, and swirling. Even in large bodies of water, there is always an undercurrent of movement. As water flows, it collects minerals from the Earth. Water from a spring or a river isn’t just H2O molecules—it’s full of minerals like magnesium, sodium, zinc, and potassium that all have health benefits.

Now think about the water we drink at home from the tap. Not all water is created equal. Tap water is devoid of minerals and has lost its natural ‘structure’.

So, what is the structure of the water and why is it so important?

WHAT - Structured water is also known as Hexagonal water. It is a crystalline geometric structure formed by eight water molecules: 6 water molecules that are bound together by common hydrogen bonds. An example of the way in which water bonds together in various configurations is seen in the difference between how an iceberg and a snowflake are formed (read more about the 4th phase of water by Dr Gerald H. Pollack below). This hexagonal water is considered to be the most stable structure of water in its liquid state."

Unfortunately the percentage of hexagonal structures in our tap water is very low, structured and disordered water can coexist at the same. There are many places in the world where the water has a naturally high concentration of hexagonal water, and are known as 'healing' springs.

WHY- For water to be received into our bodies on a cellular level, structured water is the best state of water. Water is a significant building block in every cell in your body. The actual structure of your cells is something like a matrix that is made up of different acids (some of which are proteins). Between the acids is where water is held, essentially bridging the gap. Drinking Structured Water encourages immune system functioning and longevity. Energized Structured Water is a source of energy that recharges the liquid battery of the human body. When our body is sufficiently charged, the cellular and metabolic functions are optimized.

The molecular coherence of water – it’s existence is this hexagonal grid - amplifies water’s natural abilities to archive and transfer information, similar to quartz crystal used in computers and watches. The more structured the water, the greater the coherence and in turn, the greater the ability within our bodies to store and carry signals and other information. We are a biological quantum computer!


Dr Gerald H. Pollack (Gerald Pollack (University of Washington Bioengineering
Professor and writer of Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life) refers to structured water as the 4th phase of water - where bulk water H2O (2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atom) turns into structured water H3O2 (3 hydrogen and 2 oxygen atoms) to form the hexagonal structure.

All of these water molecules within our cells hold electrical charges, whether positive or negative. Oppositely charged water molecules line up next to one another, just like a battery. Through his studies Dr Pollack discovered that structured water ‘charges’ these batteries by absorbing radiant energy. This energy is provided to and absorbed by the water from light. Water is able to absorb the electromagnetic frequencies of both violet and infrared waves, so is effectively charged by both the sun and the moon! This charge gets stored within our cells.

You can watch Dr Gerald H. Pollack explain his journey and his findings here.

The impact of the sun and moon light (the violet and infrared waves) hitting water, create a biological dipole (a pair of equal and oppositely charged or magnetized poles) battery. It is the energy from this battery that drives the flow of electrons, protons and information that in turn drives our biological processes.

It is this coming together between light and water that is the driving force of the world around us.

If you want to make every glass of water you drink structured then look into the Aǹalemma it’s a great tool for your future health

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