A series of Instagram lives - chatting to the ATTA clinic team on their therapy and chosen area of expertise. All of them here to support and serve your innate heath.


KAREN REVIVO - Craniosacral Therapy - 27.57 mins

Karen discusses the beauty of online Craniosacral therapy sessions - covering physical pain caused by unresolved childhood trauma, heightened fight and flight system creating anger or anxiety issues and chronic repetitive pain episodes.


INES SECO - Homeopathy - 26.46 mins

Ines discusses her life with homeopathy and how it can be used safely within many children health situations - young to old. - specifically fevers, asthma and chilldhood diseases.



MURIEL PICHARD - Flower essences and more - 26.45 mins

Muriel chatted to ATTA about grief, and how this can have a profound impact on our lives, on all levels. And how we can learn to be more patient with ourselves, understanding that nothing can be rushed, as grief is a process, and life is a journey. Muriel presented us with some of her Flower/Animal and Environmental Essences from her Atlantic range, that can help us being kind to our hearts and help us finding peace within ourselves.


BARBARA SHEAD - The Journey  - 26.45 mins

The Journey and depression & loneliness. Barbara chatted to us about The Journey healing technique and how depression and loneliness can have a profound impact on our lives, on all levels.



NIKKI MACRO - EFT Emotional Freedom Technique - 29.27 mins

Use this video as a tool to energise and or to relax your nervous system out of fight or flight. EFT involves tapping with the fingers on acupressure points on the face and upper body to release trauma and emotions.


DAWN WATERHOUSE - Biofeedback therapy - 22.21 mins

Biofeedback works deeply, and powerfully, with the whole system. This video explains a little about how it works and how amazing it is for allergies and alike.


CATHERINE MORE - RCP and mineral balancing - 28.44 mins

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