The Analemma's full list of benefits and research

The Analemma's full list of benefits and research

The life-changing benefits of Analemma Water

Revitalise Your Energy - ATP study 

Energy fuels every aspect of our lives. From the simplest thought to the most intricate movement, and even the biochemical reactions within our bodies, it all relies on the breakdown of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.

ATP, generated by the mitochondria, serves as our cellular energy currency. However, this vital resource isn't endless. Factors such as aging and unhealthy lifestyle choices can lead to a decline in mitochondrial health, resulting in decreased energy levels.

In a recent clinical trial, the Analemma team discovered a remarkable solution. Participants who incorporated Analemma water into their daily routine for just two months experienced a significant boost in ATP levels, showing a remarkable 20% increase compared to those who consumed a placebo.

This finding underscores the power of simplicity. By merely drinking water in a specially enhanced form, you can actively support your cellular functions, ultimately conserving energy for the activities you cherish most.




Recharge your inner vitality

The primary antibodies within the human immune system are often adorned with distinct sugar molecules known as glycans. These glycans play a crucial role in determining whether the antibody functions in an anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory capacity. Recognising this, scientists have developed GlycanAge, a test that unveils an individual's genuine biological age by analyzing their glycan profile.

According to an independent study on GlycanAge, a significant proportion of participants who incorporated Analemma water into their regimen for three months reported a remarkable rejuvenation in their biological age, ranging from 1 to 12 years. A reduced GlycanAge score indicates a higher prevalence of antibodies adorned with anti-inflammatory glycans, a characteristic associated with a youthful and robust immune system.




Maintaining Gut Harmony

The human body operates as a complex and thriving ecosystem. Within our gut reside trillions of microorganisms pivotal in aiding digestion and fending off harmful pathogens. Yet, some of these microbes can disrupt this delicate balance.

In our rigorously conducted study, employing a double-blind, placebo-controlled methodology, we uncovered that regular intake of Analemma water fosters a healthier gut microbiome. This enhancement arises from its ability to promote equilibrium between beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria.

In recent years, scientific exploration has unearthed a profound correlation between the state of the gut microbiome and various facets of human well-being, spanning immunity to mental health. By embracing lifestyle choices conducive to microbiome balance, individuals can bolster their overall wellness. In tandem with sound nutrition and regular exercise, integrating coherent water into one's routine emerges as a paramount strategy for fostering stability and synergy within the intricate ecosystem that defines one's unique constitution.





Analemma significantly improves soil fertility 

The study conducted in 2021 examined the effects of Analemma water on soil fertility and microbiome using cherry tomato plants under different watering conditions.

Analemma water positively influenced soil fertility by increasing parameters related to the nitrogen cycle, such as total nitrogen and nitrogen delivery capacity, while decreasing the C/N value, indicating higher mineralization rates. This suggests enhanced soil productivity and fertility without the need for heavy fertilisers.

Additionally, Analemma water increased bacterial diversity in the soil, which is crucial for nutrient cycling and supporting plant growth. Overall, using Analemma water can enrich the soil, promote plant health, and lead to healthy and revitalised produce.




Biophotons - a guiding light to Aǹalemma water


Biophotons are light emissions ranging from near ultraviolet to near infrared that living beings, from bacteria to human tissues, produce as a result of various cellular processes, primarily oxidative metabolic reactions occurring in mitochondria.

The discovery of Analemma water, a coherent water product, stemmed from biophoton research conducted on plant seeds. Researchers found that by treating seeds with different types of water, they could influence the plants' physiological response and alter their biophoton emission patterns.

Further studies on fruits watered with Analemma water showed enhanced mitochondrial activity and increased energy storage capacity, demonstrated by up to a 60% boost in biophoton emission from cherry tomatoes. Biophoton assays are now used to analyse the quality and stability of the "mother water" central to Analemma water products.




Drinking Analemma water causes visible changes in brain activity!

The 2019 study explored how Analemma water affects brain activity, focusing on its impact on delta coherence and power, crucial for brain communication and restful sleep. This choice stemmed from the brain's high water content and its central role in cognitive function. Neurons communicate through electrical pulses, collectively generating brainwaves, which can be measured through quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG). The study focused on two key parameters: power, indicating activity levels across different brainwave frequencies, and coherence, reflecting the efficiency of communication between brain regions.

Two case studies demonstrated immediate and long-term effects: in one, twins showed increased delta coherence after drinking Aǹalemma water, while a participant with a neurological condition experienced reduced delta power and improved daytime alertness over 51 days. These findings suggest Aǹalemma water may promote brain balance and mitigate the effects of modern stressors, warranting further investigation.



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Frequently asked questions

Aǹalemma wand contains what we call “the mother water”. It is the water of extreme coherence and electromagnetic power. As soon as any H2O molecules come in close proximity to it they begin to rearrange into a liquid crystalline structure.

The main difference between Aǹalemma water and other “structured” waters is stability. Most of the structured waters lose their stability within 5 minutes to a couple of hours. Aǹalemma water holds its stability through the years, even though it is treated just once. Also, Aǹalemma water is full-spectrum water, it has a unique structure. Its particular structure has a powerful influence on all living things which we have identified in all the preliminary testing and we look forward to establishing in further upcoming studies.

No, Aǹalemma is not a water filter. It creates a coherent structure, and it is recommended to combine Aǹalemma with a water filter, if possible, to further increase the quality of water.

Can I cool or heat up coherent water?

Yes, cooling down or heating up (to up to 65 degrees Celsius) will not affect the coherent structure. When heating the coherent activated water over 65 degrees Celsius the coherent structure will be temporarily lost, but will restore itself as the water cools down.

Can I use it in cooking?

Yes, just make sure you make the water coherent before heating. Do not immerse Aǹalemma in hot liquid.

Can I use Aǹalemma in hot tea?

We do not recommend it. Hot liquid can cause glass breakage. Just use Aǹalemma before you heat the water.

You can store coherent water both in the plastic and the glass container. The material will not affect coherent structure.

If I add regular tap water in coherent water, will it all become coherent?

No, once you add regular water, it is necessary to stir Aǹalemma in the new body of water to treat all the water molecules.

Yes, reverse osmosis water can be treated with Aǹalemma. The same applies to mineral water, spring water, filtered water, etc.

Yes, it is more than recommended. We have had  many people report extremely  beneficial changes in the growth, size, quality, and yield of, fruit, vegetables, and plants

Aǹalemma can be used with any kind of room temperature drinkable water.

Aǹalemma tube contains what we call “the mother water”. It is the water of extreme coherence and electromagnetic power. As soon as any H2O molecules come in close proximity to it they begin to rearrange into a liquid crystalline structure.

For years! We have tested the water, which was treated only once, five years later, and it still held its structure and its efficiency.

We repeatedly tested Aǹalemma in many ways and it never lost its ability to structure the water. Time doesn’t seem to have any influence. Aǹalemma is extremely stable, it stays in its coherent state virtually forever. You buy it once and it can last forever, as long as it is not damaged.

Aǹalemma needs to be protected from falling, shaking, or being damaged in any way at all times. Aǹalemma is very fragile so keep it safe and stored in a safe and secured place.Always return to its protective case after use.

In the years of studying the water, we found out a great connection between the water and the sun. The water on our planet changes electromagnetically every single day depending on the position of Earth towards the Sun.
It is not necessary to expose the Aǹalemma to the sunlight but it is recommended. If you live in an area where the sun is abundant expose the Aǹalemma to direct sunlight (not through the window) for a couple of minutes every other week.

No, DO NOT try to open the vial because you will not be able to use it anymore. Aǹalemma is intended exclusively for CREATING coherent water. After you treat the water with Aǹalemma you can use it any way you need.

If I take Aǹalemma with me on my trips when I travel and have to go through the usual security and X-rays at the airports, will it lose its properties?

We radiated the Aǹalemma water in many ways to see whether it will lose its structure and go back to chaos and it didn’t. Once treated it stays in the state of coherence for years.
There are no external detrimental influences (that we are aware of) that degrade the structure and efficiency of Aǹalemma water (we tested many). X-rays and scans will not affect the Aǹalemma.

No, Aǹalemma works exactly the same in both versions. The difference is only aesthetically.