the powerful eucalyptus benefits that may surprise you

 the powerful benefits of eucalyptus that may surprise you

Eucalyptus Globlus is the most common in the large Eucalyptus species. It has so many benefits that could support you and your family.

It is strongly antimicrobial in action and is great a respiratory tonic, the clearing, uplifting, and expansive nature of the oil makes it particularly useful for helping  acute infections, especially bacterial.

When using this oil it can give you the feeling of expansion in the lungs and giving you a slower, deeper and more stable depth of breath.

It is also a powerful nervous system stimulating tonic.  It is so refreshing to the nervous system. It’s great for helping with poor concentration, debility, and boosts you when you have a lack of vitality.

It can ease headaches and it’s especially helpful for sinusitis

It can be very supportive to the immune system, and great for colds, flu, coughs, bronchitis, catarrh & throat infections. It a antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, and an immune stimulant. It’s great to help acute onset of infections, and a good all to use as a sickroom vaporiser.

Eucalyptus Globlus is also a parasiticide. It can help with many kinds of infections, including slow to heal, ulcerated and infected wounds.

Because of this oils stimulate effect it also has impact on the circulatory system increases poor circulation.

Eucalyptus is also used environmentally to clear swamps which is why you often see it growing next to large bodies of water.

Energetically this essential oil is so beautiful for working on your heart, throat and third eye chakra, balancing and supporting them together or using the oil on these individual energy centres.

For age 12 years up. Avoid in pregnancy & epilepsy.

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