do you take iron supplements and want to understand why your bloods are still low?

Do you take iron supplements and want to understand why your bloods are still low?

A look into Iron and how the Root Cause Protocol can help you.

After extensive research, Morley Robbins concluded that the root cause of the majority of illnesses and diseases prevalent today lies in the combination of iron overload and magnesium deficiency. Catherine Mort from the ATTA clinic works closely along side Morley to deliver the Root Cause as training or 1 to 1 sessions.

Contrary to popular belief, most individuals are not iron deficient but rather iron overloaded. Excessive iron in the tissues leads to chronic inflammation within the body.

Iron is the most abundant element on Earth and has not been depleted from the soil, unlike many other minerals. Consequently, it remains abundant in most of the foods we consume. However, despite iron's abundance, the UK government and many other countries began fortifying flour with iron in the 1940s due to the belief that many people suffered from iron deficiency.

Curiously, even after over 80 years of iron fortification, the World Health Organisation still recognises anaemia as a significant global public health issue. How can this be? Is it possible that health experts have been looking for iron in the wrong places within the body? Typically, iron levels are only assessed in the blood and not in the tissues.

Copper plays a big part in the puzzle - Did you know that the enzyme ceruloplasmin, necessary for iron transportation in the body, relies on copper?This means that if you're not obtaining enough copper in your diet, ceruloplasmin cannot effectively transport iron to the blood, where it should primarily be found.

Without sufficient bio-available copper, iron accumulates in the tissues. Consequently, many people receive a diagnosis of anemia. It is not due to a lack of iron in the body but rather a lack of iron in the blood, which stems from a copper deficiency.

Iron exists within the body, but it is in the wrong place. You need bio-available copper to facilitate the transportation of iron to the blood, its rightful location.

Additionally, retinol (vitamin A) is essential for loading copper into ceruloplasmin. Thus, some individuals are diagnosed with copper toxicity when, in reality, it is a deficiency of vitamin A. As iron accumulates in the tissues, it oxidizes, leading to oxidative stress and subsequent chronic inflammation in the body. This, in turn, increases the rate at which magnesium is depleted.

Moreover, it is crucial to note that parasites and pathogens thrive on iron. Therefore, if your body is overloaded with iron, you become an ideal host for these unwelcome organisms.

Magnesium ranks among the most vital minerals for the human body. Were you aware that magnesium is required for over 3,400 chemical reactions within the body? Insufficient magnesium levels can result in heart disease, diabetes, mood disorders, memory problems, depression, anxiety, and an extensive list of other health concerns.

I highly recommend reading "The Magnesium Miracle" to delve deeper into the importance of magnesium. Magnesium depletion occurs under stress, meaning your body's demand for magnesium increases.

Simultaneously, excessive iron in the tissues induces chronic stress within the body as well as our every day stressors.

The fundamental principle of the Root Cause Protocol revolves around the idea that we are overloaded with iron due to iron supplementation and iron-fortified foods. Without adequate copper and retinol in our diets, our bodies cannot properly regulate.

To learn more about this listen to our Happy Healthy Healed podcast with Catherine Mort - or book in a 1 to 1 consultation 

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