The Wheel Keeps on Turning - NEW seasonal extended guided visualisations for 2023

The Wheel Keeps on Turning - NEW seasonal extended guided visualisations for 2023

The Wheel Keeps on Turning.

By Dawn Waterhouse

We all have a rhythm in life. We wake, we eat, we drink, we sleep. It may not be completely in that order, and of course you will have other stuff in between, but those things are essential. They form the general wheel of your day.

When we expand that concept to our year, there are other things that build in, celebrations, rest time, growth time (physically, mentally and emotionally), connection time. They are all essential to you being nourished.

Our planet also has a rhythm, it has a daily rhythm where the sun rises and sets, a monthly rhythm where the moon goes through her cycles and her annual rhythm, that involve the seasons and cycles of renewal, growth, harvest and hibernation.

We have evolved with these cycles, and once upon a time, a long, long time ago, we depended upon a system of interpreting what was happening around us so we could plan our year. For example, did you know that it is believed that if the weather is cloud and rain at Candlemas (1st-2nd February), Winter is over, but if it is fair and bright, we will have another 6 weeks of Winter to come. When you do not have access to weather forecasts, simple wisdom such as this would serve you well with planting crops, managing food stores and managing expectations for the year to come.

Each quarter and half quarter date would bring with it a ritual or activity that would bring family / community together. For example, making new candles from old stumps at Candlemas. As another example, we have Lammas (1st August) when the harvest would start. This would be a time to come together, as the next few months would be hard work.

Each of these festivals have many connotations associated with them, but with a practical eye, you can see that actually, the festivals of the wheel of the year really helped community keep together, work together and help maintain a connection with nature, and ourselves.

Now a days we are quite removed from nature. It may be a thing we know we need to get out in. We know it will help our mental health, but it may be days or weeks between visiting it.

Connecting with the wheel is as vital as ever. I believe we need that time to remember nature and our ancestral ways to help our bodies and our minds run smoothly.

That is why I wrote the seasonal meditations. They are based on beautiful habits to help you rotate with the wheel of the year. To help your mental health and help you feel inspired to connect with nature.

At the moment I have the four main spokes of the wheel (the main solar events) that I share with you. The other 4 spokes for the wheel (the mid points) are in progress, I am excited about those too – I hope you look forward to discovering them as much as I am about sharing them.

So, why attend one of my seasonal extended guided visualisations. The very fact you have stayed with me this far means you are curious about how the wheel will help you with your life, and mental health and processing your thoughts. I can not tell you it will do all of that, but I can tell you that everyone who has joined me for this class has loved it. They have felt satiated at the end of the session. Relaxed, connected and found some peace.

Would you like that? Rule out some time, come to the session, be part of a community for a short while, and connect with yourself. That is the most important relationship you will ever have.

I look forward to seeing you there.




About Dawn

Dawn is a homeopath, naturopathic practitioner, Biofeedback practitioner and Meditation Teacher.

Meditation is a very powerful tool to help us maintain our health.  Dawn developed these meditations many years ago to celebrate and honour the seasons and our inner wisdoms. Dawn’s clients find a special connection during these sessions, deep inner peace and a sense of both letting go and growth. Dawn hopes you will find something special too.

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