What is 5G? and how can the photonic range help.

What is 5G? and how can the photonic range help.

What is 5G?

EXTRACT FROM '5G in 5 minutes' by Nick Pineault

'“5G” stands for the 5th generation of wireless cellular technology. In plain English, 5G promises a dramatic transformation in the wireless technology we currently have. 5G uses a mix of frequencies that are currently used by 2G to 4G networks (0.6 to 7.1 GHz), but also new frequencies that are much, much higher on the EMF (electromagnetic field) spectrum. These higher frequencies fall into what’s called the “millimeter wave” range (mmW) — and might go from 24 GHz to about 71 GHz. One of the most common concerns about 5G is the fact that it requires an unprecedentedly high number of new cellular antennas.

What Does Science Say About 5G?

That’s the (crazy) thing… there has been NO study done by the cell industry to ensure 5G’s safety. This bears repeating… there are exactly ZERO biological studies which shows that the new type of EMF radiation that 5G is going to bring to the table is safe for humans, animals, plants, or insects. This
is like rolling out a new drug on the market without ensuring it is safe and effective!

Scientists who are experts in how EMFs impact humans on a cellular level, such as Dr. Martin Pall, professor emeritus from Washington State University, are extremely concerned about 5G — to say the least. Dr. Pall doesn’t put it lightly: “Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world."

Science has already shown that 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks are already causing health issues — and that the real consequences of these exposures might be seen decades from now. You don’t have to answer because this is purely rhetorical: do you think that 5G will
be any different, and that adding it to the mix of electrosmog we’re bathed with is really “smart”?

What we do know about 5G is that the higher-frequency millimeter waves (mmW) that will be used widely within a few years’ time are not safe.

Researcher Dr. Cindy Russel has reviewed the available science on mmW in 2018 and concluded that “the addition of this added high frequency 5G radiation to an already complex mix of lower frequencies, will contribute to a negative public health outcome, both from physical and mental health perspectives.”

Among other things, she found that mmW radiation is linked with effects on the immune system, a potential increase in antibiotic-resistance, an increase in the functional impairment of those with electrohypersensitivity demonstrating a number of EMF-related symptoms, and effects on the eyes and skin.'


What can you do about 5G?

This is why we are offering you this special deal - The team at Photonic Global have just published some amazing research carried out by the Bion Institute and published on Research Gate. The double Blind controlled study tested the millimetre wave range of the 5G network. The results speak for themselves, this technology truly is a blssing.

The photonic cards will shield your body from all EMFs and geopathic stress zones. They will also restructure your water and food by removing pathogenic information.


Reduce your EMF exposure as much as possible

Remember that your cumulative EMF load is what matters most. So even with 5G around, simple steps such as turning your phone on Airplane Mode as often as you can (especially at night or when you carry it on the body) still matters.

Reduce your overall use of wireless

New, faster, and potentially harmful wireless technologies are being rolled out because users demand it and there’s money to be made… never forget that.
This means that each time you choose wired ethernet cables over wifi, cut down on your cell phone use and use corded landline telephones instead, and avoid Bluetooth and other so-called “smart” technologies.

Utilise natural EMF's in your life

Use natural EMF’s like the sun and the earth as much as possible to support your well-being. Try and catch the sunrise and sunset daily for 10 mins to receive full spectrum light. Walk barefoot wherever possible to connect with the earths EMF.

Drink structured water like Analemma water

Drink structured coherent water which eradicates all harmful EMF’s including 3/4 & 5G.

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