Why gaze at the sun?

Why gaze at the sun?


An ancient practise which is fast regaining its popularity and understanding is SUN GAZING - we would imagine because the health benefits are huge and because its simple, sustainable and free! 

For almost 2000 years the sun has always been respected and even worshipped by ancient cultures like the Aztecs or the Egyptians and for good reason too because the sun or sunlight is the source of all life and a basic nutrient - we could even describe it as food. The ancients considered the sun vital for elevated vibrations, where joyful states of being or spiritual advancements would naturally occur, thus also aiding physical transformation and healing too. 


Sun gazing is the act of introducing sunlight into your eyes, when the sun's UV index is at its lowest points of the day - sunrise and sunset. At this time (unless its cloudy!) you will see warm glows of reds and oranges - this means UV is close to zero because of the longer distance it travels to reach you. Being far from the earth, in its low position on the horizon, the sun's wavelengths need to travel through more atmosphere, becoming filtered as well as scattered before they reach you. This is why UV is not harmful to you or your eyes first thing in the morning, and early evening.

Light during these hours is high in the healing infrared spectrum, and lower in the harsh ultraviolet. The light enters the cornea and stimulate the pituitary and pineal gland sending signals to our the body and kicking off its natural circadian rhythm.

Before humans had access to artificial light we were completely dependent on the sun. The natural cycle of the day set our bodies’ rhythms. Sunlight tells our brains and bodies when to wake, rest and digest, governs our hormone secretions and other cellular functions.  See - Timing of light exposure affects mood and brain circuits

These days many barely see natural light through the day which can lead to depression, anxiety, digestion and metabolic issues, and even certain forms of cancer. Keeping these circadian rhythms consistent, which leads to great sleep, is essential for your health.


There are physical and psychological benefits to practicing sun gazing every day. For most of us this includes more energy, better sleep (because it resets the circadian rhythm), and lowers stress. Some report a huge reduction in appetite! NASA confirmed in a study, that the process could make an individual maintain a level of health that was far better in comparison to other individuals of the same age. 

Increased energy levels
Optimized circadian rhythm leading to better and deeper sleep
Better mood due to boosted production of the hormones serotonin and melatonin
Improved eye health
Lowered stress
Boosted immune system making you able to fight illnesses and recover quickly
Decreased appetite and possible weight loss
Increased awareness and clearer thinking
A positive mindset and increased confidence

There is certainly a right and wrong way to do so - check out the article from block blue light for the do's and don't and more info.

And for more in-depth knowledge on light from Jackie Jolie - a grad from the quantum biology institute - click here


Happy sun gazing!

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