What is an Essence and how can they help us?

What is an Essence and how can they help us?

Flower Essences are liquid energetic imprints of a flower’s life force

Written by Muriel Pichard

Unlike essential oils which are prepared through distillation and harness the natural chemical components of the plants, flower essences are vibrational and harness the “energy/vibration” of the plants.

In a similar manner than dew is formed on plants by condensation, flower essences are prepared by immersing flowers in a bowl of pure water under the powerful energy of the sun. It is also possible to harness the energy of the flowers into the water by placing the bowl of water next to the flowers instead of having them immersed.

The sun then acts as a catalyst and the Flower Essence is the transference of the Essence of the plant, into the water.

Scientifically, a lot of research/quantum physics research is done nowadays on vibrational energy and on the memory of water.

And energetically, we could associate Essences, to a sort of symphony. Music is vibrational in nature; how do we explain that the same concert affects the listeners in various ways? Although there will most likely be a general emotion shared by the audience, everyone involved will hear it differently and be touched by it in different ways, as if the notes touched the various places where they are needed.

In a similar way, although a particular flower essence holds specific healing purposes, it will only touch the specific places in us that resonate with it.

Flower Essences, and other types of Essences such as Gem Essences, Animal Essences, Environmental Essences, are all subtle in nature yet potentially very strong agents of transformation. They do not force anything on us, they go with us where we are willing to go, if we are willing to take on a particular journey.

There is something also “unexplainable”, which we could see as “magical”. How do we explain love, chemistry? It is not rational, and yet it is powerful and real. It can take you to places you didn’t think you could go to, it is a journey of endless discovery.


How do Essences help us? 

The life force energy of the plant/animal/environment/gem is transferred into the water and this is turn, helps us to activate our own healing powers, enhancing our own ability to retrieve our innate equilibrium.

Essences help us looking within the shadow, uncovering layers, inviting us to retrieve the core and essence of who we are. Something we had forgotten or neglected about ourselves, may be acknowledged, repaired, celebrated, empowering us to heal ourselves.

Although flower, gem, environmental and animal essences work on different levels, they all facilitate our self-awareness process.

They come in dropper bottles, are preserved with some alcohol, and can be taken internally, added to a bath, mixed up in creams or used in sprays where they can also be combined with essential oils.

There are no contra-indications to them and they can be used with other healing modalities.

They can be used from childbirth up to the end of life.

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