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An adrenal cocktail is a cost effective drink containing whole food vitamin C, potassium, and sodium. It is an elixir intended to support your adrenal glands especially in times of stress. 

When we talk about stress, the body's response does not differentiate between the many different sources including emotional, physical and  environmental stress. Living in current day Earth mean's you will constantly be bombarded by these stressors, additionally, dehydration is a major stress on the body. When we talk about dehydration, it is not just daily adequate fluid intake but also cellular hydration, cells can become 'dehydrated' due to the lack of minerals required to maintain cellular homeostasis and allow proper cellular function. Not only is our soil, food and water depleted of minerals but we actively lose minerals when under stress,  this can lead to mineral imbalances manifesting as fatigue and that 'tired and wired' feeling. Does this sound familiar? To support the mineral balance of your body, restore energy levels and cellular function try one of the adrenal cocktail recipes below; 



1/4 tsp sea salt (a good quality salt like Maldon or Celtic)


1/4 tsp cream of tartar
1/8 tsp ‘no salt’ 
1 cup raw coconut water


4oz freshly squeezed, organic orange juice

1/2 fresh squeezed lemon or lime

Whole food vitamin C supplement like Camu Camu 


Mix, shake or blend together and enjoy! Remember to use the Analemma on your cocktail - this will amplify the affects hugely. And the Analemma can be used in any liquid. 

Can be made the day before and kept in a Mason jar in the fridge.
Take up to 3 or 4 a day away from food. Start with 1 and build up. 

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The AC is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to help support your adrenal glands on a foundational level by helping your body respond properly to stress.
The AC provides two key electrolytes, sodium and potassium, which are depleted from the body with ongoing stress and burnout (often referred to as adrenal fatigue). By helping to replenish these minerals which are more well absorbed with wholefood vitamin C, we are balancing, hydrating and energising the body, helping it become more resilient to stress and restoring overall health.


Orange Juice/ vitamin c
Did you know when the body is stressed your adrenal glands burn through vitamin C? In fact, it helps the liver to absorb glucose, needed for its regeneration.
Your adrenal glands can store and use vitamin C to make their hormones. When you come under stress, the adrenals’ use vitamin C to make more cortisol and other hormones. Therefore, this vitamin needs replenishing frequently.
When your adrenals become fatigued they actually strive to produce more cortisol. Consequently, with your body making more cortisol and flooding your system with it without sufficient vitamin C, you may begin to experience problems with your blood sugar, out-of-balance blood pressure, and an accumulation of body fat around your abdomen.
While freshly squeezed, organic orange juice is best, realistically time is sometimes hard to find day to day! At the shops look for organic juice if possible and NOT from concentrate. Or just use water and take a WHOLE FOOD vitamin c supplement with it.

Sea Salt
Sea salt is a beautiful source of essential electrolytes and minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium that are key for blood pressure regulation, adrenal function and energy production. We prefer Maldon, Celtic sea salt. Sea salt from different places will contain different trace minerals, so we like to change it  to every once in awhile.

Potassium is the last key ingredient of the cocktail. Potassium plays a role in kidney function, cardiovascular health (ie blood pressure, regular heart beat), muscle contractions, transmission of signals through the nervous system and more!
There are many sources of potassium that can be used in the cocktail including coconut water, ‘no salt’ or Cream of Tartar.



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