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Body Talk, Are You Listening? with Alison Cowell

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Body Talk, Are You Listening?  -  online workshop with Alison Cowell



  • What if that twitchy eye muscle what's an early warning of a heart attack? 
  • Could the ridges on your fingernails be connected with Alzheimer’s
  • Should you ignore the coating on your tongue?
  • Excessive ear wax doesn't mean anything… does it?

Every day our body gives us clear signals if we are not getting the nutrients we need. However we rarely take any notice of them or, if we do, we simply treat the symptom rather than address the cause. We ensure our cars have an MOT every year and take immediate action when they begin to rattle, bang, leak, rust or smell! Yet for our bodies, we wait for the breakdown  - the diabetes diagnosis, high blood pressure, thyroid issue, high cholesterol etc before seeking help. So many health conditions could be prevented if we understood our own body talk so please join me, holistic nutritionist  Alison Cowell, at this informative workshop where you'll get to know what your body is trying to tell you!

Meet Alison..

Alison studied holistic nutrition after being diagnosed with a debilitating auto-immune condition and told she would need to be on medication for the rest of her life.  After ‘fixing herself’ and realising the enormous impact that simple dietary changes could have, she left her 30-year career as a senior civil servant and emigrated to New Zealand in 2005 where she operated a hugely successful nutrition business, set up a health collaborative, worked with businesses and organisations providing health consultations and seminars and had an award-winning radio show. She is also a published author.

In 2018, she returned to the UK to be with her Scottish parents as they entered their twilight years. Her dad is 95 but still plays 2 rounds of golf every week at St Andrews, whilst her 90-year-old Mum is proving that a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease doesn’t mean you have to stop living life to the full!

In addition to speaking engagements, Alison continues to share her knowledge and experience through on-line workshops and personal health consultations. With a database of over 11,000 clients, she is as busy as ever! Her latest book, Cracking The Diet Code (released March 2023) explains how food can be used as medicine, and how we can prevent many health conditions arising.

“The rewards of this job motivate me. The baby with digestive issues who doesn’t now need to have corrective surgery; the teenager with chronic fatigue syndrome who  ‘has her life back’; the lady with debilitating migraines for 17 years who hasn’t had a painkiller since her first consultation… ” If we just knew how to read the constant signs and signals from our body, we could prevent so many health issues. No, you shouldn’t have a twitchy eye, ridged fingernails, coated tongue, waxy ears etc.!”

In between work commitments, Alison loves spending time with her family, especially grandchildren  - 4 year old Jessica and 2 year old Maverick -  helping husband Steve with property renovations and learning Spanish in whatever little spare time is left!

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