Clinical study shows: Analemma water significantly increases ATP levels in humans.

ATP - the Cellular Currency of Energy ~

Within every human cell, mitochondria, tiny organelles, tirelessly convert glucose and oxygen into a vital chemical compound known as adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. This humble molecule comprises three phosphate groups connected by potent chemical bonds. As one of these bonds is cleaved, energy is liberated.
Our cells harness the energy from ATP breakdown to execute virtually all biochemical processes, from synthesizing new molecules to dismantling old ones. This continual chemical transaction underpins the functioning of our bodies, with ATP propelling every contracting muscle, each firing neuron, and every cognitive process, step, breath, and action.
A prime illustration of ATP's indispensable role lies in DNA synthesis. Whenever a cell divides, yielding two genetically identical offspring, its DNA must replicate. This intricate process draws energy from ATP breakdown. Yet, the significance of ATP extends further. It stands as one of the four primary constituents of the DNA molecule itself – intricately woven into our genetic blueprint. Without ATP, there would simply be no us!
As we grow older, ATP levels diminish. Healthy mitochondria typically furnish us with an abundance of accessible ATP, granting us the energy needed for work, exercise, and daily activities. Nevertheless, as age progresses and unhealthy lifestyle habits persist, mitochondrial efficacy declines, adversely impacting our energy reserves and overall health. It's no wonder that mitochondrial dysfunction is implicated in various age-related ailments, spanning from neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s to heart failure.

Fortunately, there exist numerous methods to bolster mitochondrial function, thereby augmenting ATP production and aiding overall bodily energy levels. However, imagine if something as simple as drinking higher quality water could amplify our ATP production?

Benefits of Analemma Water

In 2022, an independent clinical laboratory conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to examine whether consuming Analemma water could enhance ATP production in adult humans. At the study's outset, baseline ATP levels were measured. Over the subsequent 2 months, one group of participants drank Analemma water while the second group consumed a placebo, untreated water. The study was designed as double-blind, ensuring neither participants nor investigators knew the group assignments, maintaining scientific rigor. Following this period, a second ATP level test was conducted.

The study yielded remarkable findings: after just 2 months of consuming Analemma water, there was a notable 20% increase in ATP production compared to the placebo group.

Statistical analysis confirmed the significance of the difference between the groups, indicating a tangible and measurable enhancement in cellular energy among those drinking Aǹalemma water.

Benefits of Elevated ATP Levels

Given that ATP breakdown fuels all bodily systems, heightened ATP levels offer numerous advantages. One prominent benefit is in exercise performance. Research demonstrates that oral ATP supplementation enhances endurance during high-intensity exercise and aids in reducing post-workout muscle fatigue. During strenuous physical activity, external support can be beneficial, making coherent water, such as Analemma, an ideal addition to one's workout regimen.

Analemma serves as a potent tool for elevating overall energy levels, enhancing muscle strength and endurance. Its additional benefits include fostering anti-inflammatory pathways and maintaining gut microbiome balance, making Analemma a comprehensive technology for revitalising the entire system.




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