Author Alison Cowell tells us how to listen to our bodies effectively.

EPISODE 11 - Alison Cowell

We chatted to Alison Cowell - holistic nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, speaker and author with 18 years experience in the health world - about her latest book on Cracking The Diet Code - the ultimate guide to understanding your body and responding with the right nutrition.

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EPISODE 10 ~ Professor Gerald Pollack chats about the 4th phase of water, grounding, the atom & more

EPISODE 10 ~ Professor Gerald Pollack

Dr. Gerald Pollack made a groundbreaking discovery revealing a previously unknown state of water that exists beyond the traditional forms of liquid, solid, and vapour. This unique state, referred to as H3O2 or gel water, possesses characteristics that lie between those of a solid and a liquid. With an additional hydrogen and oxygen molecule, it exhibits a smoother texture compared to regular H2O.

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EPISODE 09 - What is Face Yoga and why can it help with your whole wellbeing.

EPISODE 09 - Nazmeen Khaliq

Deep dive with Nazmeen Khaliq and ATTA as explains and shows us the ancient wisdom on Traditional Chinese Medicine Face Yoga by using the facial meridian lines to work with energy (Qi) throughout the whole body.

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